Love Still Happens

A girl sent a message to Rose on Instagram, she claimed to be the ‘original’ girlfriend to Rose’s boyfriend Williams, Rose has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for four and half years it’s been a relationship that started right from their college days, third year of college to be precise, it was a relationship people envied and wished for, even Rose was glad she was in this relationship because she was very happy in it. 

Although the first year of this relationship was nothing to write home about, it wasn’t as rosy as her name. She had already done three abortions for Williams and somehow they were able to scale through their problems and they continued their relationship after school. 

It was time to get posted to their place of service and fortunately for them both they were posted to the same state and city.

During their service year Rose and Williams were known as the ‘power couple’ it was really hard for anyone to come in between them, and that was how they scaled through their service year successfully, despite all odds.

Fast forward…………..

After Nysc, Rose got a job in an oil company, while Williams decided to further his education.

Williams got admitted into a prestigious university in the US, Studying for his masters in Marine Engineering. This was going to be a test in their relationship because this is the first time they were going to be apart since they embarked on the relationship Journey.

Thanks to social media like Skype, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. they were able to keep in touch. So the gap was bridged to an extent because they were quite aware of everything happening in each other’s lives. The only thing that missed in their relationship was intimacy… Although Will tried as much as possible to come home every four months to be with Rose the ‘love of his Life’

This was a magical and beautiful Relationship………….

Cassandra had sent Rose a message on Instagram requesting that they get close, because, she has been dying to meet Willie’s cousin ‘Rose’ which he never stopped talking about and she had always wondered why she never met her and why she never came to their introduction ceremony which took place last month at Lagos.

Rose saw the message and was perplexed, she had to play along because she had to get to the root of the matter, and she wanted to be sure it was the same Williams they were talking about before blowing everything out of proportion.

So she asked for her number and requested that they talked on phone because she was really interested in knowing her ‘cousin’s’ new bride, she felt she was being pranked at this point, but she still wasn’t buying into it, because the Williams she knew would not do such a thing to her, not to talk of lying to her, so she felt. Williams was the only man Rose had known and had been with throughout her entire life. She was fighting that part of her that was telling her the entire story might be true, she found it had to believe, but anyways she decided to play along.

Hello, Rose said, my in-law! Cassandra said screaming out of excitement, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am finally talking to you. I have heard so much about you, like Willie wouldn’t stop going on and on about you and whenever I ask to meet you, he tells me you are out of the country or you are inaccessible. Oh really! Rose answered, raising a brow at the other end, Cassandra continued, Williams will be so excited when he finds out I finally got to talk to you, Rose at the other end of the call was disgusted, after all, she could be talking to her possible rival, but she continued to put up with the charade, so she could get to the bottom of this. Yes, Cassandra, Willie talked about you a while ago, but I forgot about the introduction, it was last month right yeah? She asked Cassandra, this had meant Williams was in Nigeria last month, she thought to herself.

She hadn’t seen Williams in the past six months and for two weeks last month, she wasn’t able to connect with him via phone or any social media network. He had told her that he was occupied with ‘school work’ because he was rounding up. Things were beginning to add up. 

This was when Rose knew it was time to take her investigation further, she knew it was not a conversation for the phone, she had to meet with Cassandra Face to Face and ask her some questions…

Cassandra darling, she said, while trying to hide the weakness in her voice and the tears that wouldn’t stop rolling, please don’t tell Williams we spoke, alright? Let it be a surprise for later, but in the meantime where would you be this evening? I think I like you and I am dying to meet you in person and also to listen to your love story about how you love birds met each other.

Awwww, I like you too, Cassandra responded, I hate keeping things from Williams and vice versa too, we don’t keep anything away from each other, but because you are about to be my new favorite person I think I can make an exception. Great! Rose replied, Please send me your House Address, I will be with you shortly dear…..

Rose got up from the chair, thinking about the possibility that all this might be a charade and maybe, just maybe she was on camera about to be pranked, she tried hard to keep a positive mind concerning the issue on ground, after all, there was no evidence or whatsoever that proves it is Williams. She went into the bathroom washed her face, so many thoughts had crossed her mind, she might be saying the truth, she thought to herself, but there was no picture evidence. She had already scrutinized Cassandra’s Instagram and she didn’t see any picture of Williams, maybe she got the wrong Rose, or the Williams Cassandra spoke about was a different one. A strong part of her tried to fight it while her instinct kept pushing her to meet with Cassandra, so her mind will be at peace. She went to the wardrobe, picked the first cloth she saw, took her car keys and drove to Cassandra’s house. 

She drove into a very nice duplex, it looked like the type herself and Williams had planned to build when they eventually settle down, again she felt she was being paranoid, anybody can build this type of house, and it could be a coincidence. While Rose was lost in thought, she heard screaming in the background which was what jacked her back to reality. She got down from the car and Cassandra was running to hug her, oh my! Cassandra exclaimed you are just as beautiful as I thought you would be, your ‘MR’ must be a very lucky man. Rose smirked, you are also gorgeous my dear, she said to Cassandra, as she was trying to take a good look at her, Rose measured her from up to down and noticed a baby bump! Her heart stopped for a second, but she had to fake her excitement of meeting her ‘cousin’s’ fiancée for the first time.


Cassandra led her into the house lo’ and behold, it was Williams’ picture everywhere, the love of her life’s picture was hanged everywhere on the wall of a stranger and third party, she felt weak seeing his picture with another woman, the one where he pecked Cassandra on the cheek, it was tough for her but she had to gather momentum.

She managed to sit down, Cassandra ordered the maid to bring a chilled drink for Rose, and she smiled faintly trying her possible best to show that she wasn’t the enemy. The maid brought the drink, she smiled at the maid and thanked her, she took a sip of the drink, and then ask Cassandra to spill, so tell me, dear, how did you meet Williams? She asked Cassandra, innocent Cassandra unaware of the situation at hand was smiling, then responded, My dear we met on Instagram, Rose was utterly gobsmacked, maybe she didn’t hear Cassandra well, she choked on her drink, sorry dear I didn’t get that, Cassandra repeated herself! You mean the both of you met on a Social networking site? Rose couldn’t believe what she just heard, but she allowed Cassandra to continue with her talk. Yes, my dear, that was how we met. Cassandra replied. He liked a comment I posted on Instagram and just slid into my DM, you know how all these men can be now, Cassandra laughed, but Rose wasn’t finding it funny. Ahh, Mogbe! Williams’ ti ko mi le fun slay queen. (I’m in trouble, Williams dumped me for a slay queen) Rose said it in Yoruba, but Cassandra wasn’t understanding, so she just looked at Rose and continued with her story.

Rose interrupted her, sorry dear, please where is the bathroom, Cassandra looked at her, oh it’s down by the left, she replied. Thanks, Rose said, and stood up went to the bathroom, she shut the door behind her, screamed silently, she was trying hard to comport herself, but everything Cassandra was saying was killing her on the inside, she could not believe what was going on, she had hoped everything that happened was a dream, but no, she wasn’t dreaming, it was the reality of life, the man she had loved all her life was about to get married to a ‘slay queen’, she put herself in order, wiped her tears and went back to the sitting room for Cassandra to continue her story.

So my darling, Rose faked a smile, tell me more, I am quite interested. Cassandra continued, he liked a comment I posted on heartbreak, then sent me a DM that his longtime relationship had just been shattered, he had met his fiancée in the hands of another man, not just any man but his friend. Rose was flabbergasted, she was confused, and maybe she had entered an alternate universe. This couldn’t be the Williams she knew to say all these things Cassandra claimed he said, she thought.

Cassandra continued, you know Rose, sometimes I wonder who could have broken my baby’s heart like that, and she giggled. Rose raised her brows at her. She wasn’t sure if it was innocence or she was simply naïve, whatever Cassandra exhibited, it had begun to irritate her, but Cassandra here was not the enemy, Williams was. 

Rose was able to fake a smile, continue with the gist dear, it is getting interesting.

Williams was very homely, he told me he liked me but he wasn’t ready for a relationship, because he needed time to nurse his wound and heartbreak, but I was there for him, Cassandra said feeling very proud of herself, after a month we upgraded from just Instagram to Whatsapp and other social networking sites, sometimes he would call me when he is in class, we were always video calling, he called me on Skype too, Rose had begun to wonder when all these happened, she thought she knew the schedule of Williams, she continued to listen to Cassandra’s story. Last year November, Cassandra said, I received a call from a strange number, Guess who it was? Williams! He told me he was in Nigeria and that we should meet, so I went, we met at Radisson blues, oh em gee, when I saw him my heart skipped a beat, he was the most handsome man I had ever set my eyes on, he beckoned on me, he shook my hand and asked me to take a seat, he was the definition of a gentleman, Once again she was wondering when all this happened, she thought she knew all of Williams movement when he was in Nigeria, she thought she knew Williams so well, how and when did all this happen she thought to herself. A tear dropped from her eyes, she was far away, lost in thoughts everything that had happened thus far seemed like a movie, Cassandra didn’t notice Rose’s mood, Rose quickly realized she was shedding tears so she dabbed her face while Cassandra Continued to blab. After the date, she continued, he dropped me off at home and waved goodnight. He didn’t even ask me to sleep in his hotel room that was even the attraction, he was everything I wanted in a man, not like all these other pimps and players out there. Two days later he came back to pick me up and that was when he popped the question of me going out with him, To be honest, I didn’t see it coming, but I was glad he did. We talked about the distance, he told me the distance was not a barrier because he comes home every four months to oversee a project he is working on. A Project? Rose thought to herself, So she had become a Project?


She felt like punching Cassandra but she constantly had to remind herself that Cassandra was not the enemy. At this point she took a deep breath, she wasn’t sure she wanted to listen any more, she had her facts already, just when she was about to tell Cassandra she had to go, Cassandra interrupted her thought, my in-law, she said, your cousin will be coming back home today, in fact he should be arriving any minute from now, we want to start making the final arrangements for our wedding and I will love it, if you can be part of the planning, it will really mean a lot to me and Williams, she said. Upon hearing that Williams will be arriving today, and she wasn’t even aware he was coming to Nigeria today, she changed her mind and decided to stay back, to face her Demon, she thought to herself, so this was the important visitor that had the maid running up and down as if the queen of England was coming to visit. So she continued to interrogate Cassandra, dear, you and Williams have been together less than six months, right? Cassandra giggled, I saw that coming, yeah, we’ve been together for less than six months,

its not about how far we have been together, but it is how well, she said, Myself and Williams have been together for less than six months and it feels like we have known each other for a long time, the amazing part of our relationship is that we don’t hide anything from each other, Cassandra smiled, oh Really! Rose smirked, So give me the final gist of the story, so when did the baby bump come into formation, it happened four months ago on his last visit to Nigeria before our introduction ceremony, the day before he went back, he told me that he didn’t want to cheat on me, that we should make love, so that he would have something to remember me by, so we did it! And gosh it was a beautiful moment, it was at that moment I knew I had fallen in love with Williams, the sex was amazing! When I got pregnant I was scared that he would ask me to abort, rather he was more excited as if this baby was his last hope to live. After hearing this, she couldn’t help it any longer, she burst into tears she had been holding it for so long, Cassandra could not understand the reason behind her tears, before she could ask her why she was crying there was a honk at the gate, that must be Williams she said, she forgot Rose was there and ran out to hug Williams. Rose arranged herself when she heard that Williams was back, she was desperately waiting to see the look on his face when he sees her in his house, she heard his voice from the hallway and suddenly out of nowhere she grew hatred for him, he entered and saw Rose staring at him, he couldn’t believe himself, Rose stood up from the chair she was sitting on  and said to him in a sarcastic tone, with disappointment and hatred in her eyes, ‘WELCOME COUSIN’

Williams thought he had seen a ghost, At this point, he hoped the ground will mysteriously open and swallow his existence. Rrrrrooosee, he stammered, what are you doing here? How did you find this place? He continued with the questions, she was irritated by his presence, she frowned at him in disgust, well ‘cousin’ your wife found me on Instagram and we got acquainted, she added sarcasm to her tone. He looked at Cassandra, he brought out a monstrous side, the one she had never seen before, HOW COULD YOU? At this point Cassandra was confused, baby I thought you would be happy I found your cousin, with the way you go on about her, I thought seeing her you would be filled with so much joy and gladness, Rose Smirked, Cousin Indeed, You dumb skull, She is not my cousin! He kept Shouting like he was going to hit her, but baby you told me she was your cousin, Cassandra replied in her confused state of mind, she wasn’t sure what was going on anymore, then if she is not your cousin, who is she to you, A confused Williams went on his knees, pulling Rose by the leg, Baby, I don’t know what came over me, it’s the devils handiwork, Rose looked at him as if she saw a strange being, baby you know me, he said, this Cassandra girl she jazzed me! It was then, Cassandra’s brain started functioning properly, she went down on the chair, shocked, confused and speechless, looking at the drama her fiancé was performing, he continued, baby I swear I don’t know how I ended up with her. I was blind but now I can see, Baby lets go home, he said beckoning on Rose to give him her hands, I actually wanted to surprise you, he was still blabbing, she said in a calm but angry tone before she yelled, will you get your filthy hands off me you piece of trash!

How could you Williams? How? I did multiple abortions for you, the tears started rolling in again, she was weak from everything she had encountered, and I loved you! I gave up friends for you, I never cheated on you! If anybody had told me something like this would happen to me, I would have rebuked such a person and called the person a hater! My love for you was perfect, she paused, and took a deep breath, So you were going to leave me and get married Cassandra? She carried her bag about to leave, Williams gets on the floor and starts to pull her leg asking for her forgiveness, but she left anyways without uttering another word. At this point the sight of Cassandra had irritated him, he turned to her and said in disgust, what was I expecting from a slay queen? After I met you on Instagram, she was shook. She had never seen this beastly side of him before, he continued, you want to reap where you did not sow, I met you under two weeks and you already opened your leg for me, I got you pregnant, and you are happy, you think you have arrived, you went looking for what is not lost, Shey, you have found it now, you have seen what you’re looking for? She was still shook, she was speechless.

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